Topic 5.2: Drive & Stop

Split the team into two groups. Instruct the first group to stay at the baseline at the one end of the court and spread while each  player holds a ball. The players should dribble only with their right hands. Using the left hand would mean that they should return to the baseline and start all over again. The same happens if they lose control of the ball. The drill starts with the coach’s whistle and the players shall walk (or run) dribbling at the same time towards the other end of the court. With the next whistle blow, they stop and catch the ball and with the next signal, they start dribbling again and so on. The winner is the one who gets to the other end of the court first.  The next group starts after the first ends. On the way back players dribble with their opposite hands. 

Adopted from: Haefner and Haefner, 2008, p. 46.

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