Topic 4 Monkeys in the Middle


This drill is great for emphasizing communication between teammates, correct passing techniques and pressure defense.


Emphasis on communication.


  • At least 7 players and 1 ball are needed.
  • Place 4 to the four corners of the key area. They should pass the ball around with different types of passes (chest, bounce, overhead).
  • You can specify the passes if necessary
  • Place 3 players inside the key area – these are the ‘monkeys’ trying to catch the ball (banana).
  • Two are defending and one is attempting to catch the ball.
  • They should press the player with the ball
  • If the defender touches/blocks the ball, the player who made the initial pass gets in the key and he/she becomes a ‘monkey in the middle’ and is replaced by another player. The “old Monkey” goes out and waits in line to come back in.
  • You may have the monkeys just blocking the ball or completely stealing it

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