Topic 4 Horseshoe Shooting


This drill demands from the player to call out for the ball. It emphasizes on correct footwork on the cut and correct shooting form.


Emphasis on communication. Call for the ball. Receive and shoot.


  • Players form two lines on baseline at either side of the key.
  • The first player in one line has a ball, the second player in the other line has a ball.
  • The coach stands on the middle of the free-throw line.
  • Player 2 (front of line without ball) makes a v-cut around the coach, calling for the ball from player 1. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 who shoots the basket and rebounds the ball.
  • Try also to dribble after receiving the ball and shoot
  • Go for a drive instead of a shot
  • Fake the shot before taking it
  • After taking the rebound players pass to the front player in the opposite line (opposite to where they came from). They then join the end of this line. After passing the ball, the player cuts around the coach and the drill continues.

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