Topic 4 Disadvantage Drill


This drill requires great communication and attention as players sprint into defensive position.


Emphasis is on communication and attention


  • 5 defenders should line up on the foul line (1-5), and 5 offenders up on the baseline (x1-x5)
  • You should call out the name of one defensive player and pass the ball to the offensive team.
  • The defender who was called (player 3 in the diagram below), runs to touch the baseline, then sprints back on defence. The other 4 defensive players sprint back on defence immediately.
  • At the same time, offenders (x1 to x5) attempt a fast break to the opposite end and try to score while they have a 5 on 4 advantage
  • The defenders should communicate and decide how they will defend the 5 Vs 4 attack until the 5th player joins them
  • The offenders should try and score while they keep an advantage

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