Topic 3: Improve your eyes during shooting

Perfect form would be worthless without concentration on a target

  1. Seeing the target is vital. One study shows at least 75% of all errors in sports are related to visual inaccuracy.
  2. Never watch the flight of the ball. Lifting the eyes causes the head to raise which throws the shooter off balance. Use your eyes to lock in on your target.
  3. Learn the bull’s eye concept of shooting—a target within a target. The target is not the rim. Shoot to a specific point on the rim. Select one of the rings that hold the net. Burn the target with your intensity.

Activities - Observation

Drill 1:

– Divide the team in four columns;

– Start with 2 basketballs in column 1 and 2;

– Player from column 1 passes to player in column 4 and goes behind column 4

– Player from column 2 passes to player in column 3 and goes behind column 3


*Coach can add more balls and require different type of passes.

The players must observe the direction of the passes and movement.