Topic 3: Fortunately, Unfortunately

The rules of „Fortunately, Unfortunately“ are simple. Someone (ex. coach) begins a story with a sentence. It can be in the first, second, or third person perspective; either singular or plural nouns work too. The next player continues the story with a sentence that begins with “fortunately” or “unfortunately.” The story game continues for as long as you want, with each sentence’s beginning alternating between “fortunately” and “unfortunately.”


Here’s a quick example to get the ball rolling:

Coach: Jenny and Bobby will have the game in Saturday.

Player 1: Unfortunately, they didn’t train hard this week.

Player 2: Fortunately, Jenny and Bobby built a basketball hoop in the backyard.

Coach: Unfortunately, the weather was rainy.

Player 1: Fortunately, they practiced everyday.


Suggestions: Depending on the age of the participants, you can set rules for vocabulary words or parts of speech that must be used to complete the game.