Topic 3 Feelings Collage

This is a fun activity to try in any team, especially if some of your players are especially shy and might have difficulty acting out emotions in front of the team.

Bring a big stack of magazines to class and give each of your players art supplies: posterboard or construction paper, scissors, glue sticks. Invite your players to cut pictures from the magazines of people expressing any kind of feeling, and instruct them to use these images to build a “feelings collage”. Hand out markers and ask students to label each picture in their collage with a feeling word; then, have them take turns explaining their collages and feeling labels to the group. Encourage your players to elaborate on the details of what they noted regarding the person’s facial expression, their body language, or the context of the photo or illustration.

When the activity is over, let your players take the collages home. Recommend that they keep their collages and post them in a prominent place at home for use in practicing identifying and labeling their own feelings.