Topic 3 5 Point Passing

  Two teams with the same number of players. One player from each team stands in a defined “5 point” zone (shaded in blue and green). The player can move anywhere in the zone.

The team with the ball passes between themselves, earning one point for every successful pass. If a pass is made to the teammate in the “5 point” zone, the team get 5 points!

The opponents try to intercept passes. If they do, they place the ball on the ground, for the passing team to pick up. You can play for a set time and see how many points the team can score. The coach should regularly chance who is standing in the 5 point zone. The activity can be done with no person designated to be in the 5 point zone, but allowing players to move into the zone whenever they want (as long as there is only one player in the zone at any one time).


  • Whenever a ball is intercepted the passing team lose points
  • If a pass is dropped or thrown away, the passing team lose points
  • If the defending team intercept the pass, they now become the passing team.

See which team has the most points at the end!