Topic 2: The 1-3-5 Shooting game

Players are challenged to earn as many points as they can in 60 seconds of shooting. Here is how points are earned:

  • One point: any shot made in the paint except for layups.
  • Three points: Any shot made outside of the paint but not at three-point line distance.
  • Five points: Any shots made from beyond the three-point line.

The non-shooting player(s) keep a running tally of the points accumulated so the shooter knows.

Number of Players

2 – 8 Players.


  • Double the score if you make any of the shots with your off-hand, e.g. a right-hander who makes a three-pointer left-handed gets 10 points!
  • Shorten the three-point and five-point shooting distances for younger players.
  • Add this rule to the game: No two shots can be made successively from the same spot.