Topic 2 Overload Defense Drill – 4 on 4 With Baseline Drivers


This drill reinforces great defensive principles such as: help & rotation, communication, and positioning.


Emphasis on help & rotation, communication, and positioning.


  • 4 on 4

Keep 2  baseline drivers at the corners. The baseline players are stationary, unless they get the ball.

  • Offence tries to score against the defenders
  • In case that the baseline driver:
  • Gets the ball, he can either pass or dribble towards the basket.
  • Gets the ball and remain on spot, nobody needs to help.
  • Dribbles towards the basket, defenders should him/her, rotate, and communicate. The baseline driver can pass the ball anytime. This is the only time that defence applies to the baseline drivers.
  • When the baseline driver passes the ball, the defensive players rotate back to guarding the 4 offenders.

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