Topic 2 Keep Your Head Up


This drill is to help improve ball handling as well as catching and throwing skills. It also stresses the importance of communication.


Emphasis on communication and ball handling as well as catching and throwing skills.


  • Each player should have a ball and get a position in half court.
  • Or full court – depends on the number of players
  • Walk around dribbling.
  • Heads up at all time
  • Toss a tennis ball to someone.
  • More than one tennis ball can be used
  • The player must catch the tennis ball with his/her free hand and toss it (use underhand) to another player.
  • Players should try dribbling with both left or right hands
  • If the player drops the tennis ball, he/she must sit down and keep dribbling on the spot.
  • The last player standing is the winner.

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