Topic 1: Improve trust in your team

Six ways to imporve trust on your team

  1. Respect your coach and teammates. Distrust is contagious. If you distrust your teammates and coaches, they will distrust you. If you cannot respect your coach, you should consider playing for a different program.


  1. Don’t gossip or talk badly to anyone. When you go home and criticize your teammates and coaches, you may think no one hears you but that is not true. The words you say in private are communicated in your body language and everyone knows.


  1. Earn trust. You earn money cent by cent and trust happens the same way. If you bankrupt your trust, it takes a long time to earn trust back.

Take care of the ball. Minimize your turnovers. Be someone the team can count on to handle the ball well.


  1. Be a consistent shooter. If you swing from on fire to brick layer, you’re shooting is inconsistent. Build trust in your shooting by improving your consistency. Accurate, game-like repetitions every day improves your consistency.


  1. Value what others value. If your teammate lends you something, return it in the shape you received it. If your coach values shirts tucked in, respect him/her by following through.


  1. Exceed expectations. As a teammate, be fun to be around, be a leader people want to emulate, be intense, and the hardest worker on the court.

Activities - Trust

     A player is chosen by the team to take two consecutive free throws and if he/she misses everyone runs up and back sprint. If the shooter makes  both the team gets an award from the coach.