Topic 1 Footfire


This drill helps the players gaining good on-court leadership and communication skills with the rest of the team along with enhancing the cardiovascular system.


Emphasis on communication skills and enhancement of the cardiovascular system.


  • Have the players to spread out
  • One player or the coach/drill leader stands where everyone can see and listen to him/her
  • Drill leader shouts “Stance!” – players go into a good defensive position
  • Drill leader shouts “FootFire!” – players quickly skip on spot, running on the spot while keeping their defensive position
  • Occasionally, the drill leader shouts out:
  • “Left”: players rotate 90 degrees to the left, then back to the front, continuing with FootFire
  • ”Right!”: players rotate 90 degrees to the right, then back to the front, continuing with FootFire
  • “Shot!”: players pretend to block a shot, jumping in the air with hands outstretched, then continuing with FootFire
  • “Ball!”: players drop to the ground on their stomachs, as though retrieving a loose ball, then stand back up, continuing with FootFire
  • Continue for allotted time

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