Topic 1: Bounce into conversation

We typically add unusual equipment (such as a tennis ball or pool noodle) into a dribbling drill to draw focus away from the dribbling task – here is a variation that encourages communication and builds relationships within your group.

Players adopt a typical two-ball dribbling activity, where the dribbler must perform two-ball dribbling moves whilst progressing from baseline-to-baseline, and their partner acts as a ‘spotter’ for loose balls. However in this version, the ‘spotter’ is required to tell the dribbler a story as they complete the dribbling task. Once they reach the opposite baseline, they must repeat and/or answer a question about the story they have just been told. Known as the dual-task paradigm, the ability to absorb a story whilst dribbling closely relates to the ability to process movements of nine other players. This also provides players with an opportunity to practice the important life skill of active listening.