Topic 1 50 Passes


This drill reinforces great communication among players and enables them to position and move without the ball.


Emphasis on communication. Positioning and movement without the ball.


  • Two teams in half court.
  • Players are not allowed to dribble the ball.
  • Players in one team should execute fifty passes to win the game (can be interrupted – see below).
  • You may change the number of passes
  • You can require the number of passes to be uninterrupted
  • Each team counts out loud as they complete each pass.
  • Possession always changes to another team if:
  • a violation,
  • dribble,
  • the ball is held,
  • the ball goes out of bounds.
  • When a team gets the ball back, they continue counting passes from where they left before losing possession (unless uninterrupted game).

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