Unit 7: Resilience

  The dictionary defines resilience as “Able to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.”

  In Latin, the word was used to describe an object which retained its original form when it was stretched or bent out of shape. The word literally means to rebound or to recoil. This is a crucial component that helps define great athletes. Consider your history as a leader and athlete. Are you easily bent out of shape by a bad call or game? Can you adjust and respond well when you find yourself at odds with the coach? Can you retain your confidence after a few misses in a row?

  Though some people are naturally born more resilient than others, resiliency can be improved through discipline and creating wise habits.

  Take this month to evaluate your resiliency. Make a goal to improve your resiliency in one key area. One great way to start is by asking the question people with resiliency always ask when they encounter difficulty—“What can I learn from this situation to make me better?

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