Unit 5: Risk management / Trust

Risk management and trust are important modalities in the problem solving process. In basketball they go hand in hand.

Risk in basketball is defined as the uncertainties that may impact the team’s ability to reach its goals.

The cycle of risk management consists of four iterative actions that require a great amount of trust: identification, assessment/focus, mitigation/decision making, and monitoring/execution/communication.


“In leadership, there are no words more important than trust” – Mike Krzyzewski

  Trust is crucial to great relationships on and off the basketball court. Trust is one of those cool words that have a variety of interesting meanings and twists probably because it comes from a melting pot of countries. One facet of trust means loyalty to a promise or allegiance. One facet of trust means religious faith and what you put your beliefs for protection, confidence, and help.

  Sometimes it’s easier to define what trust is not. Distrust is a feeling of wariness. It causes our relationships with our team, coach, or family to feel unsafe, uncomfortable and unpredictable. Picture a team with distrust issues. They don’t pass the ball, they don’t encourage each other, they may talk poorly about the team to other people, and they don’t like each other. A team without trust is not a team.

  On the other hand, a team which trusts each other has a feeling of good will, friendship, and respect. Trust and teamwork are synonymous.

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