Unit 2: Taking initiative / Confidence

“Confidence – with it you can, without it, you can’t.”

  Unshakable confidence is built on a true and accurate foundation; it is solid, permanent, something no one can take from you. Having unshakable confidence makes you bulletproof, where no painful words can penetrate and shake you.

  Many people don’t know how to have unshakable confidence and live in a place of instability. If someone praises them, they are sky high. If someone criticizes them, they feel low and insecure. These athletes lack permanent confidence — no permanent foundation. Therefore, they are unable to rise above or overcome. Some athletes are overly confident which leads to a faulty foundation, creating the potential for a humiliating fall.

  Great athletes and people need to build a solid foundation that will allow them to stand firm at the right moment without wavering or being nervous; a foundation that makes them steady under pressure and ready to handle any situation with poise and strength.

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