Players Assessment Activity: Reflection on practice

This written/verbal form of reflective report is assessing all the learning outcomes:

  • Discuss the two main concepts of communication and how their implementation in the game impacted upon yourself and your teammates.
  • Identify the importance of active listening.
  • Demonstrate verbal communication with others.
  • Evaluate the effective use of non-verbal ways to communicate with others.

The coach should ask the players to compose a brief reflective report (verbal or written), on the practical drills that have undergone. Reflect on their experiences and performance during the drills. They should do this to identify and justify substantive learning, knowledge and any skills developed.

They should go through each separate unit and try to answer the following questions:

  • What was the aim of each drill (describe the drill) and how that aim was achieved (among other focus on communication)?
  • What was your role and responsibilities (among other, talk and listen)?
  • Why that method of communication was useful (verbal or non-verbal)?
  • If you had another opportunity to re-do the drill what you would change in terms of communication?

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