Module 6:Interpersonal Skills

Last updated: March 23, 2022

Strong interpersonal skills create more satisfying interactions in all environments. Developing good skills for interacting with people requires building strong relationships, demonstrating ethical behavior, clear communication, and effective teamwork.

The topics on which we will focus are:

1.Discipline and Respect

2.Handling victory and Defeat

3.Diversity awareness


 Be acquainted with the concepts of discipline and respect
Discipline and Respect

Understanding how sport can develop respect;

Learning the importance of respect through sport;

Awareness of the educational role played by sport;



Be able to handle victory as well as defeat

Handling victory and Defeat

Victory and defeat depend on the management of motor skills, motivation, personality, awareness of the result and mental reorganization


Be aware of Intercultural diversity and integration process

Diversity awareness

Understanding the value of diversity and learning the ability to include through sports.


Be aware of Intercultural diversity and integration process

Diversity awareness

Understanding the value of diversity and learning the ability to include through sports.


Skills acquired


Knowledge base

Unit 1

Discipline and Respect

The skill acquired must be that of knowing how to collaborate positively with others by respecting the rules

The execution of the various game proposals will allow in an unconscious way the development of the skill we have set ourselves to develop

The knowledge that will allow the achievement of the final objective that will evolve through the various performances of the games is the knowledge of the game and its basic rules

Unit 2

Handling victory and Defeat

Ability to identify weaknesses and strengths and know how to renew oneself

Technical and mental commitment by accepting the results by working on emotions

Knowledge of one’s own means by metabolizing the emotional aspects and defining new goals

Unit 3

Diversity & awareness

Welcoming and valuing diversity.

Be aware of one’s strengths and limitations and therefore make athletes aware of this.

Use sport as a means to enhance diversity

How to make the athlete aware of the diversity and uniqueness of the individual.



Ability to recognize error as growth

tolerating the athlete’s error

Making the implementation of tolerance a positive process

Definition of tolerance and resilience, Tolerance as a condition for a positive learning process



Discipline and Respect

With a term Discipline and Respect  we want to indicate it is the foundation of relationships and coexistence; it is understood as the special consideration given to someone or something, recognized as a social or special value

Handling victory and Defeat

Victory and defeat are the achievement or failure of a set goal

Diversity awareness

The term diversity indicates who is considered by others, or who considers himself, a stranger to a presumed normality of race, sexual propensities, social behaviors, life choices.Attraverso lo sport l’essere consapevoli della diversità è un vantaggio.


Tolerance is nothing more than the ability to stay at the right distance to accept diversity of thought. Being tolerant for a coach means accepting the athlete in all his strengths and weaknesses. Important in the sports world is tolerance for error and resilience.

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