Module 2: Teamwork

Last updated: March 23, 2022

Teamwork encourages trust, support and respect among teammates, encourages players to create synergies, increases communication, generation of new ideas and motivation, assists efforts for conflict resolution, and improves performance and discipline.

At the end of the training module, players will:

  • be able to work well in teams and groups 
  • be acquainted with the notions of intercultural awareness and respect
  • better cooperate with other members of a group/team
  • effectively apply fair play and honest behavior
  • be able to coordinate members of a group/team towards a common goal


Skills acquired


Knowledge base

Unit 1


The unit aims to provide players with the ability to systematically cooperate with their teammates aiming to increase team performance.

Players will be able to effectively work with others, cope with defeat, enhance each other’s spirit

To further the players’ awareness of the benefits of specific drills on cooperation

Unit 2


The unit aims to provide players with the ability to coordinate their moves with those of others in their team

Players will be less selfish and combine their efforts with the efforts of others in operative manners

To enhance the players’ familiarity with practical methods to combine different moves and achieve a goal

Unit 3

Diversity awareness

The unit aims to provide players with the capability to  identify the beneficial effects of diversity in sports and life

Players will be accepting of diversity and enhance their communication skills

To increase players’ understanding of the variety that exists in the world of sports and recognition and avoidance of disrespectful behaviour


Fair play

The unit aims to provide players with a sense of equitable play and belonging as well as consideration for others

Players will play by the rules in good spirit and attitudes with respect for teammates and opponents alike

To develop players’ acquaintance with the benefits of fair play

Unit 5


The unit aims to provide players with skills related personal integrity

Players will accept responsibility and will be accountable for their acts

To promote knowledge about what it means to be dependable in a team




The ability to successfully function in a team under the guidance of a coach


The aptitude to communicate with teammates towards a common goal based on a plan

Diversity awareness

The understanding and further acceptance of socio-cultural diversity and its importance for life and treating everyone in a civil manner

Fair play

The importance of playing in a team following the rules and showing personal integrity


Acting in a trustworthy way within a team of players

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